What is Pitbull Corner?

We curate the worlds best products and deals related to all things Pitbull and bring them to you in one convenient place. 

Where Are You Located?

Our main offices are located in the US. However, we are an international company and have fulfillment centers all over the world. 

How Can I Contact You?

You can e-mail us directly at or use our "Contact Us" form which you can get to by clicking "Contact Us" on our navigation bar on the top of the screen.

How Soon Will You Get Back To Me?

We generally answer all customer emails and messages within 24 - 48 business hours. However, on the weekends and during holidays it can take up to 72 hours. Don't worry, if you get in contact with us we will get back to you. 


How Long Will It Take To Receive My Item?

Most of our products are shipped from our designers/suppliers from abroad.  

Therefore, transit time will take longer days than expected (15 business days or more).

Be assured that we will coordinate closely with the courier and the designer/supplier to get accurate tracking updates.

Where Are My Items Being Shipped From? 

We have fulfillment centers located all over the world. Generally, apparel items are shipped from the United States and most other items are shipped internationally.

Will My Order Have A Tracking Number?

Yes, it will. You will be e-mailed the tracking information after the order ships. It can take up to two weeks for shipping information to populate when tracking the package. Do not be alarmed if when you try to track the package nothing appears within 2 weeks of you ordering. Please do not contact us regarding this as it is normal. 

Click Here to track your order

Why Hasn't My Tracking Information Updated?

Since some of our items are shipped internationally there can be periods of time where it takes 1 - 6 weeks for the tracking information to update. The tracking will generally update as soon as we hand over the item to the shipping courier and then update again once it reaches the country in which it's being delivered. Please do not contact us asking why the tracking information has not updated unless it has been longer than the estimated shipping and handling time we provide in the product description. 

I Still Haven't Received My Order. Where Is It?

If it is still within the estimated shipping and handling time that we provide in the product description there is no need to worry. Since we custom make our items and are an international company some orders may take 60+ days to receive depending upon how busy we are, the availability of materials to make items and where the item is being shipped from and shipped to. 

If it is passed the estimated shipping and handling time for your item and you still haven't received your order please contact our customer support and we will gladly assist you. 

Please do not contact us asking where your order is if it's still within the estimated shipping and handling time since you ordered it. We process thousands of orders per day and have fulfillment centers all over the world. It is impossible for us to know exactly what step of the process your item is in being made or exactly where it is during shipping. Once the item is shipped the only information we have is the same information you have when tracking the package. 


Please read our Return Policy for more information regarding returns and exchanges. When you place an order with us you agree to abide by our return and exchange policies.